As the production metal cutting volume will increase within the industries the hydraulic hacksaw tool offers the answer to accuracy and economical metal cutting. The experienced and skilled manufactures of hydraulic hacksaw equipments have factory-made high superior quality and sturdy for quicker and high preciseness. They use a top quality material that square measure licensed and complies with the international standards worldwide. These products square measure without delay out there within the market at cheap costs.

Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

Features and Application of metal hacksaw machines.

  • These are fine toothed with a blade that’s control beneath the strain of a firm frame. It’s utilized in cutting materials like the metal or the plastics.
  • It contains metal arch with firmly handle with a gunstock and therefore the pin hooked up on the narrower disposable blades that’s manufactured from top quality raw materials.
  • These are technologically advanced to meet the present demand within the market. And offer the consumer satisfaction. The blades are pronto offered in several sizes with commonplace length sometimes ten to twelve inches.

Specialized options and Uses of the Semi Automatic Hacksaw Machine

Saw frame that’s rigid connected and ensures differing kinds of cut like square, straight cut and parallel cut that takes place mechanically in reality with work items and reduces wear and tear of the blade.

It has 2 levers that facilitate in control and dominant the speed of the feed and raising bow mechanically switch off on the cut completion.

It has massive proportional bed that helps in guiding the means of the fabric undercut because it is rigid made. The jaws are mounted and are straightforward to regulate betting on the fabric to be cut.

Industrial Applications of Hydraulic power Hacksaw Machine.

Hydraulic powered saw tools have various industrial applications which have the following: tool rooms, engineering workshops, stainless-steel, copper and alloy mitre cutting up to forty five and rolling Milles.

Why use Hydraulic powered Hacksaw Machines in Workshop Operations?

Hydraulic hacksaw machines area unit terribly economical in cutting massive sizes or sections of the metal sheet like steel and so is of nice vital within the workshops operational as they maximizes production and makes work easier. They’re ready to cut a diameter of ten to fifteen metric linear units that could be a tedious and cumbersome work once victimisation traditional saw. It’s vital for the workshop to use hydraulic powered hacksaw in closing the foremost troublesome task that area unit time intense. It is fast, durable, low maintenance, save time, self lubricate, tooth hardness and correct. It ensures fine cut with longer services life with full potency in cutting. To know more visit here :-

Tool space Machines and their Uses.

  • It includes the following: milling devices area unit utilized in high preciseness metal shaping and solid materials.
  • Grinding device is employed in grinding metal sheets and alternative solid materials.
  • Slotting tool is employed to fit metal or wood screws, shaping and cutting the metals sheets likewise automobile equipment.

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Milling Machine the Perfect Way to mould

Metal working machines, milling machines help in removing material from work pieces giving finish and accuracy that also covers wide other operations too. Using a cutter, the machine gives precise sizes and shapes which move into and leaves the material when the cutter rotates to do the deformation.
Shear deformation is achieved using this cutter with its teeth. The process removes out the material from the work piece giving a very flat surface fulfilling the productional goal of a workshop.
This versatile machine also helps in producing dimensional surfaces on irregular shapes. Thus eliminating a lot of labor time to reach production efficiency. Speed of cutting can be varied based on the material to be milled. Like mild steel, cast steel and aluminium.

A type vertical milling machine has a head which can be tilted from front to back as well as side to side for required adjustments. The shafts of the Vertical milling are solid and with variety of cutters different shapes including round edges are created.

Universal milling another other universally adopted milling machine enables milling with a wider range of motion that performs horizontally and vertically hence named so. Further it handles precision work giving several varieties of shapes and is also proved much more efficient, durable and trustworthy machine than a typical one. The Flexibility, versatility and capability to do many works with several tools are what available in this just one unit. So without getting into its technicalities more just avail the chance to get this ultimate versatile machine at Machinedock. To know more about milling machines visit here:-

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Fine grinding of materials with durable grinders

Grinder machine is a powerful machine used for grinding work pieces that has an abrasive wheel acting as a cutting tool. The wheel tears the pieces from the work piece as suitable. Used in giving precise shapes and finishes by reducing roughness the grinder provides high quality accurate products. Having a bed to hold the work pieces with a power driven wheel, the grinder is moved forward and backward over the work piece by using a hand wheel or computer access controlling.
The wheel could be of different size to achieve required quality or finer finishing of the given bonded material as demanded. Further the speed of the wheel is adjustable and hardness is determined by the English letter ranges from A to Z grades i.e. very soft to very hard. Generating heat during the grinding process, the work pieces tends to get heated so coolants do their job in keeping the heat down, while in some grinders like hydraulic, the coolants are not needed cause in its final stage the heat temperature produced is low as compared to general grinders.
Grinders as popular tools are found mostly used in industries of engineering, electrical and automobile. For grounding, the grind wheel use could be like for your job:
* High Speed Steel RC 50-68
* 400 Series Stainless
* Soft Steels RC 30-45
* 300 Series Stainless
* Cast Iron: Ductile & Gray
* Nonferrous Alloys
Surface grinder machine handled manually or through CNC (computer numerical control)is so helpful to grind abrasive materials that generate simple plain surfaces with high degree of accuracy in dimensions while giving nice finishes in texture or contour surface. The Tool and cutter grinder gives functions like drill bit grinder with other tool operations. In all the duty of grinding process is to cut, shape, and the size of solid materials using a mechanical action on the end products. To know the detail of surface grinder visit here:-


Machinedock at INTERMACH 2016

Machinedock, we the leading independent organization and manufacturers of great industrial machines had an out of the world outstanding show of our commodity at the ASEAN’S LARGEST INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY AND SUBCONTRACTING EXHIBITION INTERMACH 2016 in held in Bangkok Thailand from 11-14 may
Having an amazing experience, it was this exhibit that gave us the chance to explore innovative ideas and discover the technology from the other world, as well as show our built on the machines we cater from India to different parts of the world inspiring visitors.
Collaborating with clients from the rest of the world and meeting so many people at the exhibition of the same field, our power to grow from strength to strength is in a more enhancive situation now which has no boundaries. Here are some few simply clicked photos of the event to check out the action.

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Heavy Duty All Geared Lathe Machines with It’s Features

Machinedock is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of lathe machines such as light lathe, medium lathe, heavy duty lathe applications along all geared, v-belt drive and accessories comprises highest quality & worldwide delivery.

All these devices are designed to act upon diverse operations in an assortment of industries by creating an object as regards an axis of rotation. They are used to accomplish varied operations in manufacturing course of action as cutting, turning, glass working, sanding, drilling, wood turning and metal working. These devices are to be had in different types, functionalities and features to originate persistently the quality work required. Find the best quality lathe machines for different industrial applications here is the list of numerous type of lathe machine who provide by machinedok.

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The Thriller Killer Machine Drills

Drilling machine, a motor driven tool that is found in any repair scene. Everybody has the use for this hole killing machine used on metal, wood etc. These machines certainly needs a professional to work on but its quality working stand out too. Drilling with several speed levels and chucks, its maintenance requirement is also one aspect, but has not much to spend upon. The drill has its kind and different configuration with not so similar setting, the bench drill and the pillar drill mounted(with a stand set up) the work piece is brought closer to the machine or the machine reaches the work piece either way the performance is not that variable except depending on the work piece to be drilled on. To know how it’s work visit here:-

The device operated with power to drill a hole or enlarge an existing one, Bench drill is of smaller scale version while pillar drill is a larger thriller meaning it drills large pieces and for boring from tiny to larger holes. Their construction though keeping in with the standards is highly useful in providing optimized results. Bench Drill are commonly used on light works where the table of this drill can be adjusted to any position.Drilling on any surface area into dimensional accurate and consistent outcome by the use of these types. So basically the drill has the components, Spindle, Sleeve, Column, Head, Worktable, Feed(hand or power)

bench drill pillardrill

Excellent quality Saw machines in India

Such machines are used to perform cutting using a stationary blade attached to drive wheel and idler wheel while the workpiece is moved across it. The blades are of different measurement typically in teeth per inch such as 18TPI ranges mainly from 10’’ up to 14” that cut out variety of materials into complex shapes and sizes. In width, it ranges from 1/8” up to 1”. The blade to be used is determined by the hardness, softness of the wood, metal or stock. Sawing machines cut bar stock, wood, pipe, tubing or any hard material within its capacity. These machines are highly useful to industrialists to do tasks of metalworking and woodworking. A uniform sawing is done as a result of evenly distributed pressure applied by blade. The blades with fine teeth used are durable as well as able to produce accurate cutting of hard metals or wood, plastic.

The metal-cutting machines could be hacksaw or bandsaw which are available in different designs such as hydraulic hacksaw, horizontal bandsaw, power hacksaw and so on. Blade tracking is so efficient in cutting straight and relatively good as required with a very smooth surface finish. Bandsaw machines are woodworker’s favourite machine in workshops comes in horizontal and vertical categories machines depict blade’s cutting position. It is what they get first into their shops to expand their versatility and range. Quality and capacity feature within budget is the good buying. Potential showcase effects in the piece should be an exceptional best figured board. It is fast and easier to use to get an accurate rectangular material. To know more visit here:-

Moreover metal working saw machines are versatile for cutting furniture pieces with smoothest cuts, short pieces and irregular shapes. Hacksaw machine is another fine-toothed sawing machine used in metalworking shops for cutting metals such as steel. Although capable to cut other materials as well but primarily used for sawing metals. It has versions of power hacksaw, hydraulic hacksaw. Power hacksaw is operated by its electric motor not generally used by industrialist but still reliable to carry out difficult time consuming tasks. Specifications of blade commonly used are 14 to 24 TPI in case of power hacksaws. Thus saw machines make work fast and reliable while time saving to produce pieces of desired sizes easier with the just change of pressure load and direction of force.

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