CNC Lathe Machines

A Computer Numerical Controlled lathe machine is a new revolution in the mechanical world. It is the most reliable machine that works on the concept of Computer Aid Manufacturing (CAM), which means no physical assistance is required by a human being. The things that were barely possible with the human controlled lathe machine are now possible with CNC Lathe Machines. CNC Lathe Machine is developed in such way that it has made industry operated by an artificial assistance. It has lessened the labour cost and also increases the quality of products. You just need to design a prototype in CAD software and instruct the machine to produce same design. Rest work is done by machine itself. It doesn’t compromise with the quality of the product even the difference of .0 inches can’t be find. It can produce 10 times more than that a human operated lathe machine can produce, that is really a big accomplishment for a manufacturing company.

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Lathe Machine Working Process

Lathe is the one of the ancient machine tool use from the Iron Age for various manufacturing units. It is called mother of all mechanical tools due to versatility of Lathe Machine Working Process. You can perform many type of mechanical operation in a lathe.Lathe Machine Working Process

Working Principle of Lathe Machine:

This mechanical tool holds the two strong and non-flexible supports called centers or in a chunk or a face plate that revolves. The tool that cuts is strongly clasp and supported in a tool post which is fed against the revolving panel. The normal cutting processes are performed with cutting tool fed either right angle to axis of panel or parallel.


Bed, Head Stock, tail, quick changing gear box and carriage are the main part of a lathe.

BED: A Bed is the platform and support of lathe; it’s a unit where the entire operation unit are joined and work with each other. It’s an area where all the operations are performed.

Head Stock: The headstock is always clamped in the left hand side of the bed and it acts as housing for equipmenst like driving pulley, headstock spindle, live centre, back gears and reserve gear.

GEAR BOX: it is present below the headstock and contains numbers of different size gear.

LEGS: It takes all the load of machine, but earlier lathes didn’t have legs.

CARRIAGE:  it contain number of equipment like saddle, cross slide, the compound rest, tool post and the apron to supporting, guiding and feeding the tool against the job during operation. It is located between the headstock and tailstock.

TAILSTOCK: This is a movable part of lathe locate to opposite side of Headstock on the way of bed. It can slide along the bed and change its position to anywhere in the bed. It’s the housing for the cutting tool and it’s most important part of lathe without this lathe is like without his right arm.

Understanding Lathe Machine Working Process (Plain Turning):

This is the one the major operation for which lathe is actually supposed to be designed. Plain Turning is a Lathe Machine Working Process of removing outer shell of a material to give it a circular shape.  So, it was a very hard for anyone to give it that perfect circular curves and shapes before the invention of Bow Lathe, around 15th century. But we are so lucky to have the lathe operated by computers available in our industry. You must bearings, round metallic rods, screws, and other equipments and gadgets that are round are manufacture using Lathe.

The major working all lathes are the same but there could be some separate function in different models.It’s a multi purpose  mechanical tool, you can use it for drilling, milling and other cutting processes.

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Lathe, Mother of Industrial Tools

Lathe is the one of the ancient tool used for the purpose of manufacturing. From the time of ancient Egypt to the time of industrial revolution; it took many shapes and used for many different purposes. No one might even think that this machine that was used for cutting woods in ancient Egypt, will give shape to the gadgets of modern world. Now this machine is not only used for cutting purpose, but for sanding, knurling, drilling or deformation also.

Like every modern machine it has a modern bibliography. But one myth is that its design was inspired from a painting in which two men was holding and rotating the large wood piece and other man was placing a sharp knife so that it was slicing the shell of the wood. So, the lathe was implemented for same purpose. In beginning it lathe was a machine in which man has to rotate the wheel same as in swing machine and the material rotate on it axis horizontally and with other hand he use a sharp blade for the purpose of cutting. After few decades it takes the shape of an electronic machine and now it’s a smart business machine can be operated by use of computer. To know more visit:-

But to understand the beauty of this machine, you should know about the parts that encapsulate it into a lathe.

So the lathe can be considered to be made of these essential parts:


Lathe Bed:

Just like a bed where man takes rest with comfort, lathe bed is the base, where the operation of lathing is done with ease. So, it’s not important that a lathe machine should have a stand rather than existence of its bed. Lathe beds are usually made as single piece casting of semi-steel (i.e., toughened cast iron), with the addition of small quantity of steel scrap to the cast iron during melting. In case of large machine bed could be embed as two pieces.


Head Stock:

It is basically served as housing for gear box and driving pulley joined with a Chuck. It acts as the hand holding the metallic and nonmetallic material (in the form of rod and piece) from the edge.

25CU Tailstock

Tail Stock:

Also referred as loose head stock or puppet head mounted on the bed of the lathe such that it is capable of sliding along the latter maintaining its alignment with the head stock. The purpose of its existence is to provide bearing and support to the job which is being worked between centers and it use a spindle for rotating the material on its axis.



Carriage acts as the arm that can be moved in longitudinal direction so that the sharp blade tool is free to go the desired place of cutting the material where it has instructed. Consists of 5 main component including saddle, cross slide, component rest, Tool Post and Aprone to perform the operation of slicing the surface of Material.

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