Extra Heavy Duty All geared Lathe

Lathe Machine

Whenever there is a need for quality lathe machines it is quite likely that our name will come up for consideration. Over the years we have become a reputed name in manufacturing various types of lathe machines including some of the most complex and highly customized extra heavy duty all geared lathe machines. The machines are well known for various reasons and one of the main reasons why they have earned name and fame is because of the fact that they are manufactured from high quality pre-tested and approved raw materials. There are various other features that make our extra heavy duty lathe machines very special. These include the main spindle which runs on the best quality precision taper roller bearing. The gears that run the machines are in head stock and they are made from high quality imported raw materials.

All Geared Lathe MachineWe have a full-fledged, modern, automated and state of the art workshop where we manufacture these machines. Precision and absolute perfection and quality are our keywords and we spare no efforts and no pains to ensure this on a continuous basis. We have a research and development team that ensures total and continuous monitoring of quality apart from keeping a tab on the latest design features that could increase the performance parameters of these heavy duty lathe machines.

Features of Extra Heavy Duty All geared Lathe Machine

Since the lathe machines are very ergonomically designed, it is quite easy to place them in small areas. Further they are made to handle high volumes and are very sturdy and robust in their performance. They are made to last for long years and require very little maintenance and cleaning. The design features enable easy cleaning of the machines. We offer these machines in both readymade and customized solutions keeping in mind specific needs and requirements of our customers. They are also very competitively priced and guarantee full value for money for our customers.

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Development of Machine Age

Industrial Towns are keeping the heart alive of the Developing Countries. Maybe, the most predictable reason is that we are still running out of league, struggling for making money. India has the manpower of 1 billion souls, and unfortunately they are getting the lowest paid in all around the world. But, They are not maintaining the quality, one reason is durability. That’s why Indian Products are not getting the attentions of many Investors in market. They are  only exporting first class quality products, made by the Use of machines for the production instead of man.

More than two and half centuries ago, when Britishers arrived in India for Business, they mightn’t had thought that one day they would invade this nation and still now we are Invaded. Our Business, still invading the labors, consuming them and throwing them to trash when they remain not useful. In business, A man with strong muscles is not more important than a man with skilled work force. Investors are getting the high pays and labors are still cursing the government who let them leave to be consumed by these greedy demons of market.

Expansion of Market is Only Solution of problem of quality assurance. We have new way of managing the man, we can use people not as a labor but as a family member and ensuring the quality of product and Service we are providing. Buying a Machine and recruiting a man is more beneficial than recruiting 4 people to perform that task. It could sound little costly but if you count the performance, durability and power consumption then machine is a smart alternative.

It’s obvious that if you want to increase your quality and production you may need a machine. But you might think that what about man? No, you’re not going to fire them. They are the most trusting people. Instead you can use them to develop Ideas, research, marketing and promotions.

I have a Good List of Item you would like to have to enter in Quality Production:

Lathe Machine
Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine:  you must know that it is used for the cutting of metallic and non-metallic material in rotational axis so it gives your product some shape and Impressive design (But Not Detailed Design). It is mostly used for manufacturing of Furniture, Pottery, Machine Parts and verity of other industrial products.


Horizontal Surface Grinder
Horizontal Surface Grinder


Grinding Machine: Don’t forget this Power Tool; it is used for grinding that is another method of cutting of a metallic material using an abrasive Wheel.



Milling Machine
Milling Machine


Milling Machine: This is personally my favorite and it’s used to cut the huge sheets of Materials like metal, woods and Plastic with a sharp rotary blade wheel.


Shaper Machine
Shaper Machine


Shaper Machine: It is used for single point Machine to cut the material pieces for making frame pieces. It uses linear relative motion between the workpieces.

Hacksaw Machine
Power Hacksaw Machine


Power Hacksaw Machine: it’s the Big Brother of Handsaw that you must see with plumber to cut the metallic pipes. But Power Hacksaw cut the large metallic pieces like chopping the onions.


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Versatile DRILL BIT With Various Qualities

Drill bits are cutting tools. It is used to create holes. Almost it is of circular cross-section. Drill bits are of several sizes and shape that can create various types of holes in numerous diverse materials. To create holes drill bits are attached to a drill, which enables them to cut through the work piece by rotation. Some specialized drill bits can create holes of non-circular cross-section.                                              drill bit

Drill bits materials:
Various materials are used on drill bits it depends on the required task. Many hard materials like Cemented-carbide, carbon-tool and high-speed steel are used as per the requirement for particular application
CARBIDE: They are more brittle than steel, and useful for breaking, particularly if the drill is not held at every angle to the work piece.
Carbon-tool: It is of 2 types Low and high carbon steels and both are used for drill bits but in different task
High Speed Steel: (HSS) it is a form of tool steel i.e. hard and more resistant to heat and can be used to drill metal and other materials at greater cutting speeds.

Bit Types:
Twist: These are the most frequent drilling tools used by either by electric drill or a hand.
Auger: This bit should be used in a hand brace only. It has a long deep spiral flute for efficient chip removal.
Glass or tile: This bit is used for drilling ceramic tiles and glass also it has a carbide tip.
Installer: It is of two types 1.Fishing bit 2. Flexible shaft bit
Forstner: It is used to form holes with a flat bottom like for kitchen cupboard hinges and it is best used in a power drill.

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How Sheet Bending Machine is Customized by Manufacturers to Handle Variable Thicknesses of Sheet Metals?


The eccentricity of sheet bending machine

Among the workshop gadgets, the part of bowing metal sheets to the craved measurement should be possible just with the assistance of particular hardware. A drilling or milling machine can’t be relied on upon for twisting essentials. Then again, particular models like sheet twisting will keep with it alternative.

Sheet Bending Process and Relevant Machinery

Aside from sheet bowing machines, bending work piece metal sheets should likewise be possible with the assistance of gadgets like press brakes. Notwithstanding, for precise bowing sheet metal twisting will be the right alternative. Moreover, relating to the mechanical requests bowing procedure can be done just with the assistance of an exact device, for example, plate twisting hardware or sheet collapsing gear, and so on.

Finding a sheet bending machine as per bending thickness required

Bowing of metal sheets adds solidness to it. Items like weight vassals, evaporator tanks and other bended metal segments can be made just with the assistance of a bowing instrument. Henceforth, for thick metal work pieces plate twisting device will finish what has been started decision and for higher precision in bowing thick metal sheets a steel body fly bowing is connected.

Distinctive Types of Sheet Bending Equipments

Power press, column sort power press, bowing roller, hydraulic press are a portion of the imperative models favored for sheet twisting procedure. Be that as it may, each model is outfitted with various twisting and work piece load taking care of limits.

Details of sheet twisting gadget

A C sort power press is a famous twisting model that aides in cutting and bowing operations separated from sheet bowing. A column sort power press works is an advantageous device in cutting substantial obligation metal work pieces. Essentially, water powered press is more proficient of all sheet bowing. It is the most favored machining segment that is connected in vehicles, elastic and plastic industry where twisting is required.

Specialized noteworthiness of metal sheet bending

We offers different sizes and different working abilities to a few commercial enterprises like development, designing, autos, and so on. They consider the tweaked demands from customers and convey reasonable gadgets to them. Aside from that, each machine is made of tough material which keeps them work for long haul.

Exceptional Features offered by Machinedock

Valuing is the principal invaluable component found in machinedock instruments. Aside from that, it is peaceful simple to locate a high performing model from them as they have just particular models of sheet twisting that are all known for mechanized operations.

Advantages of purchasing Sheet metal twisting mechanical assembly

Purchasing a sheet metal contraption by selecting the machine as far as its similarity with the twisting measurements required is more imperative. You can locate the reasonable scope of tooling segments for twisting prerequisites for various work piece materials. To know more visit:-http://www.machinedock.net/horizontal-shaper-machine

Sheet metal shaping mechanical assembly are tweaked as far as the bowing measurements made conceivable in the apparatus and regarding the metal work piece load taking care of limit. In this way determination will get the right twisting and solidness to the material.

Cutting edge best performance with Gantry Type Band Saw Machine

The Gantry type level band saw machines are intense machines, which are intended to handle the requests of fabricator, steel administration centers, machine shops, forging and die shops, and metal administration centers. What’s more, it cuts solids, tubing, channels, edges, flying machine grade materials, and in addition non-ferrous, stainless, and High -temperature alloys in a diversity of shapes to meet up your desires. It is perfect for finishing various slugging of parts, rounds, squares and auxiliary material.
Gantry sort band saw machine is a reliable decision for your substantial metal cutting applications, for example, Automatic or manual cutting material sustaining and Hydraulic control of blade tension. The machine is likewise ready to step-less conform the slicing speed as indicated by the material to guarantee best cutting, which augments administration life of the saw blade. Additionally Machine stops consequently when saw sharp edge breaks to guarantee safety. The fully automatic gantry type horizontal band saw machines are strong machines and meant for use in major industries because of its salient features such as Turbine box with high pulling torque that creates low noise also act as an overload protection device for saw blade, Machine stops when saw blade breaks to assure safety automatically, Wire chip brush for band cleaning, High precision and intensity auxiliary guide square column are inbuilt in it as well. To know more about bandsaw machine click: http://www.machinedock.net/horizontal-metal-working-bandsaw-machine

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